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Lin is a great editor and proofreader and down right hard worker. We worked together on a big catalogue and she was great to work with. Very clean with her corrections and really open to any way of working that will allow efficiency and productivity.Very aware of typographic rules and really tries to grasp the thoughts behind the text; she goes over and beyond the call of duty. If it's art related, well she is just simply the shit. If not, well she can do anything.

Sébastien Aubin (Cree/Métis), Indigenous Designer in Residence

University of Manitoba


Lin Gibson, the editor of this book, has been critical and constructive in clarifying this text to make it accessible to a wide audience not only in the editorial process but also content-wise: her background and knowledge of pedagogy was extremely helpful. The patience and rigour by which she helped formulate and organize the contents of this book were invaluable.

Job Rutgers, Professor

Faculty of Industrial Design, OCADU


I’ve worked with Lin on two publications at Gallery 44 and can attest to her attention to detail, commitment, and expertise. She is really great to work with and offers a deep level of insight and knowledge.

Noa Bronstein, (former) Director

Gallery 44, Centre for Contemporary Photography

We wrapped up on time and well within deadline. Considering the odds, I am quite proud of myself. And frankly, it would not have happened without you—you were my team!—and I learned a tremendous amount. 

Once again, I thank you. Hiring you was the smartest thing I did.

Michelle Hopkins

George Washington University

The quality of this publication has been greatly enhanced by Lin Gibson’s skillful editing of the text.

Diana Nemiroff, (former) Director

Carleton University Art Gallery 

What do clients say?


Now this is an example of editorial work!!!

Thank you so much, Lin

So pleased!!!!

Carol Podedworny, Director and Chief Curator

McMaster Museum of Art

Lin is an eagle-eyed and skiillful editor. She handled the workflow of editing multiple texts with excellent organization and completed the work quickly and thoroughly with patience, clarity, and professionalism. I highly recommend her!

Julia Chan, (former) Managing Editor

PUBLIC Journal Arts | Culture | Ideas


I have consulted Lin for her expertise and insight in the writing and editing of reports, guidelines, and evaluations several times. I have found her editing invaluable and her professionalism impeccable. In social and mental health services, discretion and confidentially are crucial; I have always relied on Lin’s sensitivity to those concerns. Additionally, she has a wicked sense of humour and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

Patricia Talbot, Manager 

Social and Mental Health Services


I have worked with Lin on a number of writing projects, both big and small, and her editorial suggestions—both substantive and nit-picky—have been helpful, precise and highly intelligent. She has enriched the texts I’ve written and has been a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Gabby Moser, Assistant Professor 

Faculty of Education, York University

English is my second language. Lin helped me correct grammar mistakes and improper expressions in my article; make the ideas clear, concise and informative. She has a great sense of clarity and lucid writing style. Her working process is well managed, very efficient and it is easy to work with her. Her editing is an art of mastery and dexterity, and I am so grateful for her help.

Yan Zhou

Curator and PhD Candidate

Lin, what a breath of fresh air! You’ve done a marvelous job. You've given me much to think on. Your critique puts me at rest (if only all  critiques did so), knowing I’m in good hands. Meanwhile, the questions/worries I had about the book now have unexpected solutions.  

                                      Leo Kamen



 © Lin Gibson 2018

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